Monday, November 29, 2010

It's about time....

This will be our 6th Christmas in the house we currently live in, and this is the first time I've seen THESE on our house!
Thanks to hubs getting a wild hair, we
now have Christmas lights on our house - woot, woot!  (not done yet, but it's a start)
I'm feeling like this year I am going to be way more into Christmas because of Adam.  He's finally old enough to get into it, and he says "christmas tree and christmas lights" and he wants to watch a christmas veggie tales video at least once a day.   So, since I am not usually one for decorating or being "christmasy" because I usually dread this holiday - and feel more stressed about it then anything else - I'm thinking it's a good thing for me to have a toddler that is really excited about it.  It helps me focus on keeping it fun for him and not sweating the small stuff.
We haven't gotten a tree yet, but that's next. 
I ordered our Christmas cards, which is freaking amazing because it's not even December yet, and usually I'm all about being last minute this time of year.
And I've done a wee bit of shopping already.  Still have alot more to go because we have alot of family to buy for - but I'm thinking 95 % of that will be done online because I hate shopping.

You all are probably bug eyed right now...a woman who doesn't like shopping and isn't excited about Christmas...I'm like a freak of nature over here - ha!

Next thing you know I'll be baking cookies...mmmmmmm, cookies.


Joanna said...

Man, way to go hubs! First the awesome birthday gift and now putting up the lights. Sheesh, stop while you're ahead. You're making my husband look like an asshat for sure :)

We never had christmas lights on our house growing up and it was the one thing that I've always wanted as an adult. Three years ago I used some birthday money and bought icicles lights for our house. Jason attempted to put them up and then had a small freakout when he got on top of our TWO story house. No can do, he says. SO, I paid a gal to come and put them up and taken them down for two years. Last year, we didn't have any disposable money so they didn't get put up. I think this year, I'm willing to pay again :) I missed them last year.

2boymommy said...

I am so glad I am not the only one!! This is our 5th Christmas in our house and will be the first year for lights too.... well.... they still aren't up yet but hopefully they will be before new years...