Friday, November 26, 2010

My Love Bank

A couple of months ago, I had my 33rd birthday.  We went to my parents house for dinner (my choice which was appetizers - wooo!)  and pie and presents.  I need to brag about my hubs for a bit and tell you all what he gave me for my birthday gift...quite possibly the most thoughtful and treasured gift I've ever recieved.

First he handed me a box:
When I opened the box, I saw this cute little guy:

Isn't he great?  he's a piggy bank!

When I opened up the bottom, there were tons of peices of paper folded up and crammed inside.  I pulled them all out and ended up with this big pile:
Each peice of paper had the words "I Love You Because..."
and once I started reading them, I realized they weren't just from hubs.  They were from my entire family.  Hubs had gotten everyone in my family to fill out these little slips about why they love me.
(hold on just a moment...I'm getting verklempt...this whole idea makes me choked up)
There were some from my mom:  (please note I did not take pictures of every peice of paper, there were way too many!)

Some from my dad:

 Along with one from him that totally made me cry...
(in case you can't read that it says "I love my daughter because she reminds me of my mother"  - my sweet grandma Jean who died long before I was even a thought.  But who I've always felt a kinship with because people say I look like her)
There were some from my brother:
Some from my Sister in Law:

 And even some from all my Nieces:
The majority of them were from hubs...some were funny:

But most of them were incredibly sweet and loving:

(To explain that last one - when hubs asked me to marry him, my answer was "of course" - so I had that engraved on the inside of his wedding ring)

This gift is something I will keep forever.  Anytime I'm having a bad day or feeling like a crappy person I can open this box and be reminded of all the reasons I am loved.  I doubt I could fully express how much it means to me that hubs would take the time to do this, and include my whole family in the process.
No purchased gift would ever be as priceless to me.

Everyone in my family seemed impressed that he had this idea - at one point my sister in law pouted and said "I don't have a love bank..."
and my brother looked at hubs and goes "thanks alot ya JERK"

Thank you from the bottom of my heart hubs, you're the best - how am I ever going to top this one?????


Joanna said...


That is the MOST INCREDIBLE gift ever. What a thoughful guy. I can't imagine a better gift I'd like to receive.

Way to go hubs!

k said...

Am at work and I totally teared up at the "of course" story. Lands.

So so sweet.