Thursday, November 25, 2010

Family fun...

Any of you who read this blog regularly might remember that last July Adam smacked his head and we had to take him to the ER...well, I forgot to talk about my neice's birthday party that day.  They sent everyone on a scavenger hunt - so every family was competing as a team.  The invitation said "make sure you have gas in your car and a camera ready" - so I knew since hubs would be working that day, I was going to have to team up with my parents.
We all arrived to the party with our game faces on (my brother has some very competitive friends) and my sister in law handed out the list and sent us on our way with a 1 hour time limit to get things done.
The list had things like:

Sing the Oscar Meyer bologna song in the supermarket next to the bologna
Sing a christmas carol (july, remember?) in front of walmart
take a picture of your team in a boat
take a picture of your team in a volkswagon bug (luckily we have one in our driveway)
buy 50 cents worth of gas
(minimum was $1 so that didn't work)
get a stranger to say the pledge of allegiance
(I got someone to do this, but her husband was all "don't forget to leave out Under God" which totally offended me, but since we were in a hurry - I let her say it and when she got to that part, I turned the camera around and said it for her)
Video someone doing the YMCA dance
(luckily we saw some friends driving through town and stalked them knowing they would do it)
wash a stranger's windshield
(mom stepped up for this one)
It ranged from the really embarrassing to the not a big getting a picture of out of state license plates. 

We earned a certain amount of points for each task, so it was up to us which ones to do.

Well, we did a bunch of things - but one that I got a video of,  was us doing a conga line across a crosswalk.  We kinda cheated and did a crosswalk in front of a store instead of an actual intersection crosswalk, but still - pretty funny.  I'm holding Adam, and my mom and I are in sinc - but my dad is just doing his own thing back there. ha!

Ironically, we actually won the scavenger hunt - only because another team was disqualified for singing the oscar meyer weiner song instead of the bologna song.  And with us having to get a toddler in and out of a carseat every time, that is no easy feat - yay for us!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - hope you all stuffed your pieholes and remembered why you are thankful :)

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April said...

I wish we lived closer so that I could hang out with your family :-)