Sunday, November 14, 2010


Some of you might remember when Adam was 10 months old and I gave him his first haircut...I found the post I did back then, and it made me kinda teary to see how much he's changed.  If you want to reminisce, click here .
Anyhow, he's had many, many, many, many haircuts since then.  His hair is like mine in the fact that it grows super fast...but it's like hub's was (before he started shaving his head) in that it's really thick and there's alot of it.  We've only paid for him to have his haircut once, and it was $ by the time you tip and everything - we just figured it wasn't worth the money and I could do it here at home until he really starts having an opinion about his hair.  So I've been doing them all myself, and I think I'm getting better at it, just from experience.  We did buzz him once, which some people liked - but I thought made him look like the boy in the striped pajamas (concentration camp movie...very sad)...and I've had my share of hair debacles.  About 6 months ago I was trimming around his ears and he moved and ended up with a vanilla ice triangle over his left ear.  Oops.  Other than that, I think I do an okay job.
This morning his hair was sporting a big time helmet look, and it was bugging me - so I finally convinced hubs that it was time:
So we put in the movie Shark Tale and gave him a lollipop and I snipped away.  He finally decided he was done, so I gave up and tossed him in the shower. 
Turned out allright this time, but MAN he looks like such a BOY after a haircut.  The chubby babyness is pretty much gone these days :(

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k said...

Oh my goodness. I clicked on the first haircut link and "OHHHHH!"ed out loud. Little guy!

Yeah, and the haircuts make them look like little boys. Ezra got one this week and I couldn't stop exclaiming, "He looks so grown-up!" Sob.