Saturday, November 13, 2010

Busy Day...

Today started at the too early hour of 7am (I know all you people with early risers are shaking your fist at me right now, but 7am is early to me!) when Adam woke up and started knocking on his door (he can't turn the doorknobs in our house yet, thankyajesus) and saying "helloooooooo"...."mama?"..."helloooooooo"..."come out?"
We got up, got dressed, drank milk, fed all the critters, and headed over to my parents house so we could pile into their car and go up to our friend Landon's 3rd birthday party.  The party started at 10am and they are about 45 minutes north of us, so we needed to get an early start.  Adam fell asleep in the car which meant that he was grumpy and unsocial right up until the time we had to leave, which kinda sucks.  Although they had one of those blow up slides there, and I finally convinced him to go on it with me right before we left.  He LOVED it - and then I realized in the car after we left that I had busted the inside seam of the leggings I was wearing under my dress....giant hole...not pretty.  I showed my mom later and she cracked up.  Luckily nobody was taking any pictures - and I forgot to get out my camera (sorry ashlee!) .  It was fun to see everyone since so many close friends came from out of town, but it was short lived because we had ANOTHER birthday party to go to - my neice Keeley turned 11 yesterday!
So we piled back into the car and headed back down south for another hour or so on the road to go to Keeley's bowling birthday party.   Adam fell asleep in the car again, but I figured since his cousins would all be there, he'd perk up and be more social.  Well....not really....he was still whiny and unsocial at this party too - except that my youngest neice Gracie wasn't putting up with it and she pulled him out on the floor to help her shove her bowling ball down the lane.  The ball rolled veeeeerrrrrry slowly, but it eventually made it!

 It was pretty funny...he seemed interested in all the balls knocking down the pins - but also confused as to why he couldn't just pick up that ball.  After she made him help her a few times, he got into a better mood and stood on the sidelines with her and another friend to cheer all the other kids on. 
I keep forgetting we have a bowling alley nearby - it's not something I ever think about doing, but it's kinda fun!
After that, we stopped by hub's workplace and brought him cake...then we took one of my neices home and headed back to my parents house so I could get my car.  I got home at 6:30pm, just in time for dinner, pj's and bedtime at 8:30 for the boy. 
Long day, but lots of fun involved!  I only wish AJ had been in a better mood for it all  - but oh well, it's a crapshoot with a 2 year old, right?

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