Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bringing Back Memories

Last Sunday, we visited a local school yard to play on the playground and let the boy burn off some energy.  The thing is, we visited the school yard that I grew up on.  I used to live right across the street from this school.
(that's our old house with the picket fence...just to the left of the jungle gym)

 I went there from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  We moved the summer after 5th grade year, so I had to do my 6th grade year at a different school. 
I spent a thousand hours on this school yard.  We had family softball games, and birthday parties, shot off rockets and flew kites and climbed trees, all on this school yard.

 I watched my dad catch gophers and fill in the holes so kids wouldn't break their ankles.  
It wrenched my heart a bit to be back on these grounds and see my son and my husband playing where I once played as a child. 

My brother and I rode bikes and skateboards and roller skates up and down the halls.  We made friends and met neighbors...all on this school yard.  Hubs and Adam and I walked up and down the halls...over to the kindergarten classrooms and all around to the places where I spent so much time as a kid.  So many memories...some good, some bad....but memories just the same.

Memories of a childhood that was wonderful and loving and yesterday and a million years ago.

I hope my own child knows how loved he is, how much we just want him to be happy in life. 

And if that means not wearing pants, then so be it...

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Joanna said...

oh sweet... (beware of the bars though, ha!)

I'm really loving Harloe so far, it's a great school with some fantastic teachers. Where are you zoned for? Maybe he'll get to join Paige and Ally

ps...pants are totally optional :)