Monday, November 22, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Prank of 2009

Due to the fact that I have to blog daily, I am stumbling upon things I never blogged about...and meant to.  So, here is one I should have done last year.  See, last year we went to this awesome (and cheap!) pumpkin patch close to my workplace out on the Mesa.  They had these giant pumpkins for $12, so of course hubs had to pick one out.  Here is our little man last year, so tiny next to that pumpkin!

(sniff, sniff - I kinda miss this little tiny version of him)
For comparison's is a pumpkin picture from this year

Anyway, we bought the pumpkin...but then we had to figure out what to do with the pumpkin.  We decided to take it to my parents house...who we knew weren't home at the time and leave it right in front of the their front door.  Well, by the time we actually got up to their place, we decided against the front door thing and instead put it here...
In their hall bathroom, on the toilet.  taaadaaa!
And then we raided the grandkids dress up box and added a tiara, pearls, and a feather boa
And then we left.
And we waited.
and waited and waited and waited
And hubs about had a COW wondering if they'd found it yet.

He picked up the phone to call them and I made him hold off, because if I know my parents - their silence means they found the 80 pound pumpkin on their toilet and were going to keep their traps shut in order to throw us off and start plotting their revenge.

He couldn't stand it.
He called...and they played stupid.  He got nothing out of them at all.
Then we found out my sister in law had been there with the kids before my parents even arrived home,
So he called HER...and got NUTHIN. 
"Pumpkin?"  she said...
"What pumpkin?  I don't know what you are talking about"


So then we had nothing to do but wait...which we did.  Wondering when they were going to strike back.
Until one day, we opened our fridge and found this:

That would be a giant pumpkin pie that took up the entire bottom shelf of my fridge...and yes, wearing a tiara, pearls and a feather boa.   Kudos.


Joanna said...

touche. touche.

your family sounds like a great group of people with an even better sense of humor. I love it!

k said...

That's like a pumpkin prank turned into a tasty pumpkin massacre.

I know the feeling of missing chubby little 1 year old boys that didn't used to have necks. Sob. Why do they get so big?